About Small Business

Chris has assisted business owners and managers in nearly every aspect of creating, operating, selling, merging or in other ways ending a business. Chris prefers preventative law so that errors are avoided or at least minimized through client’s informed decisions. He has represented clients in numerous industries, such as healthcare temporary service brokers, computer temporary service brokers and consultants, retail stores, wholesale dealers of goods, real estate brokers, consultants, privately operated schools, book publishers, liquid gas distributors, auto dealerships, etc.

Chris has assisted many business owners turn their business into a source of financial retirement by creative structuring of long term sales utilizing various classes of stock, voting trusts, life insurance trusts, etc.

Chris understands business and works with clients to structure their business and its activities to be more productive, client/customer sensitive and marketing oriented.

Call or email with questions as to how he may assist you and your business: (415) 454-2421 or Chriss@caschaefer.com.

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