About Independent Contractor

Chris has vast experience in independent contractor law. He has represented well over a hundred clients in California Employment Development Department and IRS audits to determine whether workers are independent contractors or employees. Those clients range from a sole proprietor photographer to AT&T, NEC America and other national corporations with the majority being small businesses. Those audits have focused on workers who performed their independent contractor services through companies as computer programmers, nurses, radiologists, physical therapists, taxi drivers, cinema actors and actresses, directors, writers, carpet installers, yoga teachers and dozens more. He has taught attorneys through University of California, Continuing Education of the Bar, where he was awarded Most Entertaining Program of the Year by the San Francisco Recorder Newspaper. He represented computer services associations when negotiating with EDD’s General Counsel to create the California regulation to establish the test for independent contractor status in the Computer Services Industry. (Code of California Regulations, Title 22, section 4-4304-4) Etc.

Before you are targeted for an EDD or IRS Employment Tax Audit, Chris provides the service of performing an in-house audit of your business books, records and relationship with workers. This usually concludes in non-disruptive modification of your methods and procedures in creating and maintaining a proper independent contractor relationship with your independent workers.

Call or email Chris with your EDD Audit, preventive audit or other independent contractor questions at (415) 454-2421 or Chriss@caschaefer.com.

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